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The Bottom Billion: Why the Poorest Countries are Failing and What Can Be Done About It by Paul Collier (2008)

Out of Poverty: What Works When Traditional Approaches Fail by Paul Polak (2008) 

World Hunger by Frances Moore Lappe et.al.

Ending Global Poverty: A Guide to What Works by Stephen C. Smith (2008)

NGOs and the Millennium Development Goals: Citizen Action to Reduce Poverty edited by Jennifer M. Brinkerhoff, Stephen C. Smith, and Hildy Teegen (2007) 

The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time  by Jeffrey Sachs (2006)

Creating a World Without Poverty: Social Business and the Future of Capitalism by Muhammad Yunus (2008) 

A Corporate Solution to Global Poverty: How Multinationals Can Help the Poor and Invigorate Their Own Legitimacy by George Lodge and Craig Wilson (2006)

A Poverty of Reason: Sustainable Development and Economic Growth by Wilfred Beckerman (2002)

Awakening Hippocrates: A Primer on Health, Poverty, And Global Service by Edward O'Neil Jr. (2006)

Climate Change and Global Poverty: A Billion Lives in the Balance? by Lael Brainard, Nigel Purvis, and Abigail Jones 

Global Development 2.0: Can Philanthropists, the Public, and the Poor Make Poverty History? by Lael Brainard and Derek Chollet 

Global Development And Poverty Reduction: The Challenge For International Institutions (International Institutions and Global Governance) by John-Ren Chen and David Sapsford 

Global Governance, Development, and Human Security: The Challenge of Poverty and Inequality by Caroline Thomas 

Global Poverty, Ethics and Human Rights: The Role of Multilateral Organisations (Rethinking Globalization) by Desmond McNeill and Asuncion Lera St.Clair (2009)

Global Trade and Poor Nations: The Poverty Impacts and Policy Implications of Liberalization by Bernard M. Hoekman and Marcelo Olarreaga, eds., Bernard M. Hoekman, and Marcelo Olarreaga (2007)

Governing Global Desertification: Linking Environmental Degradation, Poverty And Participation (The Global Environmental Governance Series) (The Global Environmental Governance Series) by Pierre Marc Johnson, Karel Mayrand, and Marc Paquin (2006)

Microfinance and Poverty Alleviation: Case Studies from Asia and the Pacific (Global Development and the Environment) by J. Remenyi (2000)

Poverty and Development: Into the 21st Century by Tim Allen and Alan Thomas (2000)

Poverty and Exclusion in North and South: Essays on Social Policy and Global Poverty Reduction (Priorities in Development Economics) London: Routledge, 2003. by Paul Mosley (2003) 

Poverty and human development--a global and a local issue.(FROM THE EDITOR)(Editorial): An article from: Nephrology Nursing Journal by Beth Ulrich (2008)

Poverty and the Continuing Global Health Crisis by Don A Franco

Reducing Global Poverty: The Case for Asset Accumulation by Caroline O. N. Moser (2007)

Reducing Poverty on a Global Scale: Learning and Innovating for Development: Findings from the Shanghai Global Learning Initiative by Blanca Moreno-Dodson(2005) 

Reducing Rural Poverty in Asia: Challenges And Opportunities for Microenterprises And Public Employment Schemes (Global Food & Nutrition Security) by Nurul Islam (2006)

The Other War: Global Poverty and the Millennium Challenge Account by Carol Graham, Nigel Purvis, Steven Radelet, and Gayle Smith (2003)

The Paradox of Wealth and Poverty: Mapping the Ethical Dilemmas of Global Development by Daniel Little (2003)

Waging the Global War on Poverty: Strategies and Case Studies (Development Centre Seminars) by Raundi Halvorson-Quevedo and Hartmut Schneider (2001)  

WEALTH EFFECT Africa In Midst of Global Economic Transformation by Chamberlain S. Peterside Ph.D. (2007) Lulu, (2007)

Where Are the Poor?: Experiences With the Development and Use of Poverty Maps by Norbert Henninger, Mathilde Snel, World Resources Institute, and Global Resource Information Database (2002)

Young Lives, Global Goals: Children, Poverty and the UN Development Goals - A Resource Pack for Geography, Environmental Studies and Citizenship for 11 to 14 Year Olds (2005) 



Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet by Jeffrey D. Sachs (2008) 


What’s Wrong with Microfinance?  edited by Thomas Dichter (2007)

In Search of Prosperity by Dani Rodrik

The Elusive Quest for Growth by William R. Easterly

Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins (2005)

Animal Spirits: How Human Psychology Drives...the Economy and why it matters for Global Capitalism by George A. Akerloff

Fixing Failed States: A Framework for Rebuilding a Fractured World by Ashraf Ghani



Jihad vs. McWorld: How Globalism and Tribalism Are Reshaping the World by Benjamin Barber

Social Justice in a Global Age by Olaf Cramme, Patrick Diamond

The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization by Thomas L. Friedman

Making Globalization Work by Joseph E. Stiglitz (2007)

Globalization and Its Discontents  by Joseph E. Stiglitz (2003) by Joseph E. Stiglitz

The Blue Sweater: Bridging the Gap Between Rich and Poor in an Interconnected World by Jacqueline Novgoratz (2009)

The Challenge of Global Capitalism by Robert Gilpin

In Defense of Globalization by Jagdish Bhagwati

Supercorp by Rosabeth Moss Kanter


Foreign Aid: 

The Road to Hell: The Ravaging Effects of Foreign Aid and International Charity by Michael Maren

The White Man's Burden: Why the West's Efforts to Aid the Rest Have Done So Much Ill and So Little Good by William Easterly (2007) 

Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa by Dambisa Moyo (2009)

Development as Freedom by Amartya Sen (2000)

Aid – Understanding International Development Cooperation by John Degnbol-Martinussen and Poul Engberg-Pedersen

Beyond Humanitarianism by the Council on Foreign Relations

Humanitarian Diplomacy by Larry Minear and Hazel Smith



Saviors and Survivors: Darfur, Politics, and the War on Terror by Mahmood Mamdani 

Wars, Guns, and Votes: Democracy in Dangerous Places by Paul Collier

The Fate of Africa by Martin Meredith

Global Justice and Neoliberal Environmental Governance: Ethics, Sustainable Development and International Cooperation - Routledge Research in Environmental Politics V. 15  by Chukwumerije Okereke 

When States Fail by Robert I. Rotberg

The Future of Freedom: Illiberal Democracy at Home and Abroad by Fareed Zakaria

The Mouse that Roared by Leonard Wibberly

Pathologies of Power: Health, Human Rights, and the New War on the Poor by Paul Farmer (2004) 

A Time For Tea Women, labor and post-colonial Politics on an Indian Plantation by Piya Chatterjee

The Challenge for Africa by Wangari Maathai

At the Point of a Gun by David Rieff




Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace . . . One School at a Time by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin (2007)

War in Darfur and the Search for Peace by Alex de Waal


Environment / Agriculture:   

International Agricultural Development by Carl K. Eicher and John M. Staatz

Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution and How It Can Renew America by Thomas L. Friedman (2008)

Earth: The Sequel: The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming by Miriam Horn and Fred Krupp

Debating the Earth: The Environmental Politics Reader by John S. Dryzek and David Schlosberg (2005)


Approaches to Sustainable Development (Global Development and the Environment) by Richard M. Auty and Katrina Brown (Hardcover - 1997)


Drought: Past Problems and Future Scenarios by Justin Sheffield and Eric F. Wood (Hardcover - April 2011)


World Agriculture and the Environment: A Commodity-By-Commodity Guide To Impacts And Practices by James Clay (Paperback 2004)

The Violence of Green Revolution: Third World Agriculture, Ecology and Politics by Vandana Shiva (Paperback 1992) 

Stolen Harvest: The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply by Vandana Shiva (Paperback 2000) 

The Ethics of What we Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter by Peter Singer (Paperback 2007) 


Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail of Succeed by Jared Diamond (Hard cover 2004) 




Ethnic Conflict: 

Africa's World War: Congo, the Rwandan Genocide by Gerard Prunier

Identity and Violence: The Illusion of Destiny by Amartya Sen

Shake Hands with the Devil by Romeo Dallaire

Justice on the Grass by Dina Temple-Raston



Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness by Richard A. Thaler and CCass R. Sunstein

Innovations in Global Health Governance (Global Environmental Governance) by Andrew F. Cooper and John Kirton (2009)

An Imperfect Offering by James Orbinski


Where There is No Doctor by Jane Maxwell


Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder


Partner to the Poor by Paul Farmer 


Case Studies in Global Health by Ruth Levine


Global Health and Sustainable Development Architecture by Mei-Ling Wang


Nutrition and Health in Developing Countries by Richard Semba


Essentials for Global Health by Richard Skolnik


Pathologies of Power by Paul Farmer


Social Justice / Human Rights:

Ending Slavery: How We Free Today's Slaves by Kevin Bales

Social Justice and Development by Behrooz Morvaridi

A Crime so Monstrous by E. Benjamin Skinner



The J-Curve – A new Way to Understand why Nations Rise and Fall by Ian Bremmer


Ethics of Global Development by David A. Crocker

The Investment Biker by Jim Rogers

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