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The Facing History School - New York, NY

CDI has teamed up with Facing History School to collect much-needed donations of hygienic products and arts and crafts supplies to take on our upcoming trip to Seguin, Haiti. The students of Facing History School have created posters and banners and are collecting these supplies for a one-month period until Jan-15.  


The mission at the Facing History School is to promote understanding of the choices people make. With the guidance of its lead partner, Facing History and Ourselves, the school prepares students for the ethical and moral decisions of adulthood. The school’s activities, structure, and curricula are centered on four themes: Identity, Caring and Responsibility, Decision-making, and Choosing to Participate.


Carolyn Casale, teacher at Facing History School: “We are eager to become involved and choose to participate with Community Development International for Haiti. Our efforts at Facing History are to raise awareness of the Haitian situation. We have begun to collect supplies for Haiti (books, toys, hygienic products).  We have requested all staff and students to bring in these supplies. We’ve spoken in student classrooms and encouraged them to begin a dialogue on Haiti. We have also created posters to stand as a reminder for students to act.”

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