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"The community stagnates without the impulse of the individual.  The impulse dies away without the sympathy of the community." -  William James

CDI has exciting current and future volunteer opportunities both with work in the field and with fundraising, event planning, grant writing and more. Please review the below information and check our CDI idealist page for current availabilities. Those interested or with questions can contact us at info@cd-international.org


Not in the New York metro area and want to volunteer with CDI? Check out this document detailing how you can be a part of CDI no matter where you are! 

Volunteer Information: 


CDI was created by a group of passionate and motivated young professionals from around the world. We are currently registered in New York State but are looking into opportunities for domestic and international expansion.


CDI aims to build cross-cultural and international bridges between individuals and groups concerned with issues surrounding international collaborative and sustainable development. By leveraging resources and volunteer experts for a variety of projects, both local and international, CDI facilitates the implementation of ecological, targeted and participatory socio-economic development projects. Our vision is to be a truly “bottom-up organization” and to provide hands-on opportunities for people to volunteer in these projects which span the areas of health, education, agriculture, eco-enterprise, energy and environmental protection. 


At present, CDI is defining pilot projects with experienced local implementation partners in the rural town of Seguin, Haiti. A fourth post-earthquake trip is being planned for January 2011 which will provide medical attention and serve to conduct further needs assessments and feasibility studies. In addition, opportunities are being explored for small-scale green initiatives at a local level here in the United States. CDI is further committed to bringing up-to-date information on matters of international development and ecology to audiences through newsletters and events such as art exhibits, panel discussions and movie screenings. CDI’s initial international focus is on Haiti. However, we will be looking to expand as time and resources allow. 


Currently we have various exciting volunteer opportunities available in a myriad of areas. First, please become a member of the CDI online community by clicking "Join" at the top right of any page and become part of an exciting and growing organization which will allow you to utilize your talents and ideas proactively and according to your interests. We are seeking volunteers to assist us in the following capacities:


  •  Event Planning
    •  The applicant should have experience organizing large and small scale advocacy and fundraising events; should be committed to the cause of international development and cooperation, have a network of contacts in varying professions in and around NYC, and possess strong outreach and communication skills in addition to knowledge about catering and venue options in NYC. 
    •  The volunteer will work in a team with others to plan and execute regular events that all focus on aspects involving international cooperation, development, sustainability and ecology. We are looking to use various event formats and mediums to raise awareness, to cultivate supporters and donors, to educate and provide updates about CDI’s work, and to produce both informational and socially entertaining events, at least once a month.
    •  We seek to develop a structured and coherent strategy for our 2011 event year, and to collaborate with new and existing partners on these events. Major components of the event schedule will be the screening of movies, art exhibitions, scholarly and expert lectures and the creation of opportunities for public dialogue. 


  •  Fundraising / Grant-Writing
    •  CDI needs experienced and resourceful grant-writers to produce institutional, corporate and foundational budget support for specific projects in the fields of health, education, environmental protection, energy, agriculture and eco-enterprise. 
    •  CDI also needs assistance in creating income sources for program and operational expenses that complement income from event-revenues and donations from the currently existing private donor pool. 
    •  Grants research on possibility for mid to long-term stipends for field work, whether through foundations or academic institutions are needed to deploy a program and monitoring & evaluation specialist to the field. 
    •  Excellent writing, research and editorial skills are required. The applicant should further possess or be willing to create sound knowledge of CDI’s projects, its mission and vision. The applicant should also have contacts in and knowledge about local and national foundations, government grant-writing opportunities and academic sponsorship programs


  •  Legal Assistance
    •  CDI may require the assistance of experienced legal professionals on an ad-hoc basis as regards incorporation, federal and individual state-recognition of 501(c)3 status, audit and tax requirements, drafting of MOU’s with partners, and organizational development / expansion. 


  •  Marketing& Promotion
    •  CDI is also looking for experienced marketing and PR volunteers. The volunteer(s) will work in close collaboration with the event planning team and well as with the program specialists. 
    •  The position will require the proactive promotion of CDI’s mission, vision, and concrete events and projects, locally and internationally. 
    •  The applicant should be a self-starter who is able to produce opportunities for public engagement, media presence, co-sponsoring and partnership development. 
    •  This position will also be involved in the design and editorial review of CDI’s newsletter.


  •  Partnership Building
    •  CDI is looking to create a network of partners, individual and organizational, who would collaborate with CDI on local and international projects and events. 
    •  Partnerships may take the form of co-sponsorship of programs and events, the solicitation of funding and expertise, cross-promotion, general and strategic collaboration.
    •  Partnership outreach encompasses private sector organizations, non-profits, government agencies, and academia. In addition, partnerships are required with individuals and experts in various specific fields and subjects and a on a per-needs basis. 


  •  Corporate Sponsorship Outreach
    •  In close collaboration with the event and promotion teams, this volunteer position will aim to create corporate sponsorship opportunities for events and local and international projects. 
    •  Corporate contacts may become strategic partners and are sought to secure specific or general funding, in-kind donations of needed project materials (medical, educational, construction supplies etc.) and to sponsor advocacy and fundraising events (food or beverage, venue, art space, items for silent auctions, gift bags etc.) or to assist with travel and other logistical arrangements.
    •  In addition to short-term project or event-specific support, CDI is looking to for an individual who will proactively fashion this position in a way that takes a strategic approach in forming lasting ties between potential corporate partners – financial and technical. 
    •  The applicant should have experience with corporate outreach and corporate foundations. He or she should have a large network of contacts in various industries and be able to reach out to specific corporations depending in short-term needs of CDI


  •  Accounting / Bookkeeping
    •  CDI may require the assistance of an experienced accountant to maintain the highest degree of accountability and transparency, to prepare financial reports, to field request from the IRS or the NY State Department
    •  The volunteer should be an accounting professional with experience in non-profit accounting.


  •  General Research
    •  General research support is needed to collect and process information on technical aspects of various projects. This involves secondary research and the compiling of reports, identifying of experts, product review, compiling information on sourcing prospects and detailed research on a per-needs basis. 
    •  The general research volunteer may be asked to support other volunteers, specifically the Corporate Sponsorship Outreach volunteer and the Grant-writing volunteer.
    •  The volunteer should proactively identify possibilities for partnerships, competitions and other fundraising opportunities, event dates, specific initiatives and events of third parties that would be beneficial for CDI members to attend.


  •  Graphic Design / Artistic Support
    •  We are looking to position CDI as a young, dynamic, creative team and as a unique organization that makes use of the arts and culture to promote and support its mission and vision. 
    •  Design work may include graphic illustrations, logo(s), newsletters, t-shirt prints, event and promotional flyers, formal and informal presentations etc. 


  •  Online Support
    •  CDI is looking for support in its various online and social networking activities (Facebook, Twitter, CDI website etc.)
    •  Most importantly, CDI needs assistance with the updating of its website and respective content management. On occasion, new links, videos, pictures and reports will be added to the website and we are in need of a volunteer who is knowledgeable in web-design and HTML. 
    •  Our website has a members corner, a corner for CDI internal documents, and an area for interested individuals to subscribe and register with CDI. These components will require management by the online support volunteer.


The above tasks and position descriptions are general in nature and indications only. Requirements may change and additional / complementary volunteer support may be required on a per-needs basis. The above also share many commonalities. This overlap provides for the possible merging of volunteer positions depending on the time commitment each individual volunteer can make. Note that we expect all applicants for all positions to be passionate, resourceful and committed to serving the mission and vision of CDI. Consistent attendance of monthly team meetings will be required. 


In addition to the volunteer positions above, CDI is also looking for expert volunteers to assist in feasibility studies and technical program support in the following areas:

  • Organic Farming Experts / Agronomists
    Honey, Fruit Trees, Jam, Agave, Mushrooms, Flowers, Coffee, Bamboo
  • Organic and Artisanal Food Processing
    Honey, Fruit Trees, Jam, Agave, Mushrooms, Flowers, Coffee, Bamboo

  • Food Import/Export and FDA specialists
  • Eco-tourism specialists
  • Construction specialists and Building Engineers
  • Medical Professionals
  • Renewable Energy specialists
    Wind, Solar, Biomass etc


Should you be interested in any of the above tasks and positions, please contact us at your earliest convenience at info@cd-international.org





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