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25.06.2011 11:00   
Fondation Seguin, a CDI partner organization, educates and empowers the youth of the Seguin community in Haiti to take an active role in protecting endangered forests.  Their
25.06.2011 10:52   
CDI Co-Founder Matthias Resch spoke at a community roundtable to join in the disussion on the current situation in Haiti. Over a year after the devastating earthquake, communi
24.06.2011 06:01   
Community Development International (CDI) would like to introduce you to our new collaborative environmental program, "Miles of Trees!" In support of and collaboration with
05.05.2011 19:50   
CDI was chosen to participate in the Pepsi Refresh Project with a chance to win a $5,000 grant to support our community garden project! We need your help!  Please take a mom
14.04.2011 10:25   
In celebration of Earth Day, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum is hosting a great event this weekend, called “Celebrate Earth.” CDI will be joining in the fun!  Our table will ha
12.04.2011 20:06   
Thank you Johanna for all your hard work and dedication to our local community garden project in New York City.  Check out Johanna's volunteer profile here!
30.03.2011 20:01   
In March 2011, CDI teamed up with Asociacion Tepeyac, a Latin American educational organization in New York City to create an organic vegetable, herb, and fruit garden in i
14.03.2011 19:03   
See what CDI Volunteer Evens Belamour has to say about CDI in the interview posted here!
14.03.2011 10:32   
Check out CDI's February/March 2011 Newsletter for updates on our most recent mission to Haiti, whats happening now and our future project and program plans. Newsletter.
12.02.2011 14:52   
Mission Brief - Seguin, Haiti - Jan-24 - Feb-2   After months of planning and fund raising for our 3rd mission to Seguin, Haiti, CDI deployed a group
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