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CDI works with community development projects both internationally and locally in the areas of education, agriculture, environmental protection, energy, eco-enterprise, health and others. CDI initiates internal projects and programs as well as collaborates with other organizations and individuals on project creation, implementation and execution within our focal areas. 

To submit your ideas for projects, solicit support and for general project inquiries, please contact us at info@cd-international.org

21.03.2011 12:51   
CDI has found that there are abundant Chanterelle mushrooms growing in and near the community that we work in in Seguin, Haiti. On one of our last missions there in August 2010, we took a tour thro
16.03.2011 18:05   
CDI is currently in the primary planning phases of a computer and internet lab project to be constructed in Seguin, Haiti. Below is the initial project proposal with information on what we want to do,
06.02.2011 11:08   
CDI initiated and completed the free community latrine project in Seguin, Haiti from January 21st - February 2nd. The need for this project was dire as the Seguin marketplace serves as a meeting point
25.11.2010 15:46   
  UPDATE: As of December 13 we have learned from our partners at the Cloud Forest Medical Clinic in Seguin, Haiti that they have confirmed the first cases of Cholera to reach the mountainous region
26.09.2010 09:58   
With the upcoming 2011 UN International Year of Forests, along with CDI's commitment to mitigating the effects of deforestation and the introduction of reforestation and related environmental projects
05.09.2010 22:52   
Eco-Enterprise Project - Location: Seguin, Haiti.   Project Description: Introducing new fruit trees such as peaches and providing acroecological skills training for local farmers to begin plant
05.09.2010 20:57   
Education Projects - Location: Seguin, Haiti. Project Description: This project will be working with a private primary school located north of the Market in Seguin. The Director of the scho
05.09.2010 19:37   
  Beekeeping Project - Location: Seguin, Haiti. Project Description: Honey/Apiculture Project - Working with our partner organizations; The Fondation Seguin and the DED who have already begu
29.08.2010 16:34   
Stove Project - Location: Seguin, Haiti. Project Description: In Seguin and in Haiti in general, methods of and fuels used for cooking have detrimental effects to the environment as well
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