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About us

CDI is a registered 501 (c)(3) not for profit organization that was created by a group of creative, motivated and committed young professionals from around the world and aims to build strong and sustainable urban and rural communities in both the worst off developing countries throughout the world and in disadvantaged local communities in the developed world. CDI implements innovative projects and programs, following the Millenium Development Goals and within CDI's six core inter-related focal areas; Education, Health, Agriculture, Energy, Eco-Enterprise and Environmental Protection. The process CDI follows is to identify communities that can benefit from our assistance, begin by working with local community leaders and inhabitants to establish interest in receiving assistance from CDI, researching the needs and demographic information of the area, devising a detailed and targeted step by step plan to implement sustainable projects and programs within the six core focal areas, execute the projects and programs, empower local inhabitants, monitor the effects and management for a provisional period to ensure success and ultimately leave the community in the hands of its inhabitants with a new sense of pride, ownership and empowerment. The individual program process varies widely as per location and is dependent on the location's particular needs, existing infrastructure and the individual geographical, medical, social and political conditions from area to area.

A world in which the dignity of human life and the sanctity of environmental health, and the interconnectedness of these, is upheld through the development of self-sustainable communities that provide opportunity, empowerment and economic activity while creating a mindset of environmental stewardship and social equity. We envision communities that provide for adequate and sustainable allocation of resources and public services to the world’s most disadvantaged populations.

CDI aims to serve as a catalyst to combine cause-specific forces into results-oriented coalitions that will stimulate societal and economic activities in developing urban and rural locations. Ultimately, CDI aims to assist those in need to overcome the financial and environmental constraints of today’s inequitable global system, and work towards the betterment of living conditions, human and environmental health, social cohesion, peace and justice throughout the world.

CDI's pilot program is located in the rural town of Seguin, Haiti. With international attention and financial and technical aid being directed largely to the main metropolitan centers of the country, both pre- and post-Earthquake, Seguin, like many other remote communities, is struggling to meet its current and future socio-economic development needs. The area is strategically located between the capital Port-au-Prince and the Southern shores of Jacmel. Home to the last remaining natural forest cover and an important watershed, the region is also one of the country’s potential breadbaskets. However, with lack of access to financial and technical assistance, mismanagement of natural resources, inadequate sanitation, health care, infrastructure and education, the area remains not only under-developed but regresses at unprecedented rates at the same time as the forest is being denuded and the area rendered increasingly vulnerable to natural catastrophes such as floods and landslides. CDI’s objective is to devise participatory programs and projects under its six inter-related core focal areas to help create a sustainable, environmentally friendly community with available income-generation opportunities, education, commerce and health care. Extensive demographic and research in the Seguin area was completed in July/August 2010, which informs current and future program development and seeks to integrate the community in the design and execution of any intervention. Partnerships and personal relationships with local organizations and community leaders are at the core of CDI’s strategy to sustain programmatic efforts. In the direct aftermath of the Cholera outbreak and its first occurrences in the larger Seguin area, CDI, in collaboration with the community, has constructed the town’s first free and public latrine which, on market days, serves several thousands of people who congregate in town. Extensive medical assistance and personal sanitation and hygiene programs have been carried out, as well as foundations laid for close collaboration with an existing medical care provider through visiting doctors / nurses programs and training of local health workers. Among others, CDI is exploring various successor programs and projects comprising the areas of education, alternative energy, environmental restoration, infrastructure, technology and eco-enterprise and eco-tourism, all of which will combine to assist the community in improving living conditions personally, materially, and sustainably. Through CDI's extensive international network we are looking forward to also explore future projects in other areas such as the Philippines and Nepal as well as locally in New York City, where most recently a community garden was inaugurated to the benefit of an inner-city youth immigrant community.

Matthias Resch
Kevin Jamison
Veronica Sarrabayrouse

Medical Program Specialists:
Mallary Jamison
Abdullah Qasir
Elena Yureneva

Local Program Assistant, Haiti:
Evens Belamour

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